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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bonnie Jo Fiber Arts: "Water Is Life Exhibit"

Bonnie Jo Fiber Arts: "Water Is Life Exhibit": My textile artwork "Pescadero" has been traveling the world for over two years now in the "Water Is Life" exhibit.  It ...

"Water Is Life Exhibit"

My textile artwork "Pescadero" has been traveling the world for over two years now in the "Water Is Life" exhibit.  It has been exhibited at the United Nations in Switzerland and New York City, many gallery's and Universities along the way.  It has been a delight to follow the "Water is Life Exhibit" travel the world. It's last stop is Kean University, New Jersey, in the Human Rights Gallery. The exhibit will run through December 4, 2018. Pescadero is looking for a new home, contact me at
Pescadero, 58h x 48w

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bonnie Jo Fiber Arts: Television Interview

Bonnie Jo Fiber Arts: Television Interview: Interview of me by Valentina Cirasola can be seen at  . Valentina a wonderful artist herself and Bay Area Inte...

Television Interview

Interview of me by Valentina Cirasola can be seen at . Valentina a wonderful artist herself and Bay Area Interior Designer approached me one day about conducting a interview.
It was wonderful to work with her and I was thrilled. You can contact her at .

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Professional Artist Magazine

I am excited to have been asked to contribute to the Gigi Rosenberg article for Professional Artist Magazine.  Gigi is a staff writer for the magazine and many of you know about Gigi and the wonderful articles she writes for the publication. Here is a link to the article , "How to Give a Artist Talk. Take a look as it has some very good information about the artist talk which all of us give from time to time in our careers.

My artwork, "Water Spout" is also featured!
This artwork is about the torrential rains that Northern California was swamped with after the drought.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I am so proud to have my work included in the book. The editor Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen did a wonderful job and it is a good informative read. The book is available for purchase at The book give business tidbits by some authors, personal stories and inspiration from all of the authors!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Art Quilt Elements 2018

My new textile artwork "Alviso, The Drought", was juried into the prestigious  2018 Biennial Art Quilt Elements!
Art Quilt Elements exhibit will be at the Wayne Art Center through April 28, 2018.  AQE 2018 is the 13th exhibition of this internationally acclaimed show set in suburban Philadelphia. Jurors Paul Smith, Independent Curator Marsha Moss, Public Art Curator and Consultant Mi-Kyoung Lee, Program Director of Craft & Material Studies, University of the Arts "One of the distinctions of our show is our professional presentation of art quilts.

                                           Photography by Spring Mountain Gallery, HMB

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Still Swimming Upstream

On March 6, 2018 I was interviewed by Valentina Cirasola. TV Producer/Host of her show Valentina Design Universe TV. This picture is a still from the taping.  We had lots of fun and I am very honored that Valentina wanted to interview me about my artistic journey.  The entire interview will be available shortly.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Water, Water, Everywhere!

                                                 Visions Art Museum

My textile artwork, "Water, Water, Everywhere" has been juried into Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California the exhibit "Things That Matter". The exhibit will run from April 21, 2018 - July 8, 2018.  This textile is part of my water series that I am creating about water problems in the world.

                                 Photography: Spring Mountain Gallery, Half Moon Bay, California